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De Gournay Wallpaper Review

De Gournay Wallpaper Review

If you’re looking for a new wallpaper, consider purchasing de Gournay’s collection. His collection includes wallpaper with traditional chinoiserie patterns, modern designs, and paper-backed silk. The designer has created a variety of products, including wallpaper for L’Eden living rooms, as well as other interior design pieces. Here, we’ll review some of his most popular designs. And don’t forget to check out his other collections, including his paper-backed silk and Xuan paper.

Traditional chinoiserie

The design of Traditional Chinoiserie de Gournay wallpaper is influenced by 18th-century Chinese wallpaper. The company began its work restoring antique wallpaper, but since then has become synonymous with hand-painted wallcoverings. The company is known for its exceptional hand-painting techniques, which are used to create these luxurious wallcoverings. Their wallpapers are hand-painted by local artisans in China, and are based on the ancient styles that characterized rich homes in centuries past.

The company is made up of four to five artists who are specialized in different aspects of painting. The first panels, which can take as long as 50 hours, feature classic Chinese artwork, as well as 18th and 19th-century Chinoiserie. These paintings are interpreted through a European lens, which makes them uniquely beautiful. Traditional Chinese art and the long-standing tradition behind it inspired Gurney, who translated the designs into wallpaper-sized dimensions. The result is a 12-foot high, intricate piece of art that echoes the richness of the original paintings.

Minimalist designs

When it comes to wallpaper, de Gournay is the only brand that truly captures the essence of minimalism. With minimalist designs and abstract patterns, de Gournay is an artist whose designs are meant to be admired and cherished. He also has a range of wallpapers that pay homage to famous paintings, including the neoclassical George III canopy bed and the Chinese cabinet.

The minimalist designs on de Gournay wallpaper are the perfect complement to modern, contemporary, and eclectic rooms. The brand’s wallpapers are made using a process based on a 19th-century botanical drawing, and many of the designs are reminiscent of classic, timeless scenes from history. Each design is hand-crafted by skilled artisans using high-end materials. Using the same techniques as the masters of this art, de Gournay wallpapers have a distinct, yet refined, look.

Xuan paper

The artist Rachel de Gournay creates her wallcoverings on traditional Chinese rice paper that is backed with silk. She then applies a light watercolor wash over the paper and crumples it before flattening it out. Then, she sands the surface numerous times to create a worn look that echoes the appearance of antique Chinese panels. The result is a wallcovering that evokes a sense of time and history.

Originally, these Chinese-inspired paper designs were used in French homes. De Gournay’s founders moved their manufacturing to China in the 1980s, not for cheap labor, but for the priceless artisinal know-how of the Chinese people. The company worked with some of the last communities of Chinese paper makers in Guangdong. This has resulted in the enduring popularity of de Gournay Xuan paper throughout the world.

Paper-backed silk

The artistry and technique behind the handcrafted De Gournay paper-backed fabric wallpapers is unsurpassed. Each piece is a work of art, combining the ethereal beauty of fine porcelain with the durability of paper. The delicate patterns are crafted to fit the style of the room. A de Gournay paper-backed silk wallpaper is the ultimate in luxury, and the result will amaze you.

If you are looking for a wallpaper that is reminiscent of royalty, look no further than de Gournay’s collection of luxurious silk and paper wallpaper. The wallpapers are hand-painted and backed with a unique technique known as the gusset method. The results are exquisite and remarkably realistic. If you want your room to look like a museum, you can buy custom wallpaper designed by the artist for your home.


The de Gournay wallpaper studio produces more than fifty designs on a variety of papers. These papers are typically painted with watercolour and gouache. Before painting, the designer sketches out the design in pencil. Some styles are also available in custom sizes, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your space. These wallpapers are handmade in four studios throughout the world. The process begins with an initial elevation sketch of the wall to make sure that all architectural features, such as light switches, electrical plates, and other fittings, are taken into account.

In addition to their own designs, de Gournay collaborates with other designers and manufacturers. The fashion brand Erdem commissioned a botanical wallpaper design from de Gournay. This design featured chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, and sparrows, rendered on silk and rice Xuan paper, a material known for its soft texture. Kate Moss collaborated with de Gournay on a floral wallpaper design, Anemones in Light, which changes depending on the time of day.


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